EBX-LTE200 Ultra Portable Infrastructure from EBIPAX is an easy to carry, COTS – Commercial Off-The-Shelf, miniaturized, full power site in form of ruggedized handbag/backpack.

Our smallest, lightest and fully functional LTE network is built on a modular platform that combines an eNodeB, Evolved Packet Core to deliver messaging, location, voice (PTT) and video streaming services for Public Safety and Utility Sector.

Mobility and agility are essential when addressing emergency response situations or when dealing with remote geographical area and/or unexpected events. 24x7x365 mission critical tasks demand continuous and ubiquitous high speed LTE coverage, yet traditional LTE sites can’t reach everywhere you need to be. Inadequate capacity, coverage gaps, and lack of network prioritization can negatively impact your personnel’s overall efficiency and safety. EBX-LTE200 was designed to cover the targeted area with superior data service and user experience. The system allows end users to connect using standard Android and iOS smartphones, supporting triple-play on premise and off-premise services, including data, voice and video at superior quality. The LTE network is immediate to deploy and simple to operate and administrate by use of intuitive Web-based management tools.

The EBX-LTE200 supports optional internal interoperability gateway to connect up to two disparate two-way radio systems to the private LTE network.  The disparate systems such as DMR, P25, TETRA and CONVENTIONAL radio networks are extended by the private LTE network hence enabling continuous communication between LTE UEs and two-way radio users and networks. All of the audio and signal processing is handled through EBX-LTE200 internal INTEROPERABILITY GATEWAY in real time, meeting mission critical time constraints for unsurpassed audio quality.

Electricity Power plants, Off shore or remote Energy plants, airports and Security teams to protect critical infrastructure

National Civil protection, law enforcement, Police and fire agencies
Public safety & rescue personnel teams responding in emergency situations
Maritime hailing and warning