ControlMaestro™ formerly WIZCON™ developed the first communication driver for Motorola MCP/T Gateway. Therefore WIZCON™ has long and successful experience with Motorola IP Gateway protocol. Moreover this advanced HMI software development platform supports countless 3rd party, open and standard protocols with an emphasis on supervision, automation and on line process control and editor.

ELUTIONS’ ControlMaestro automation software provides an advanced  ON-LINE EDITING & OPERATIONAL HMI SCADA solution for automation market by introducing unparalleled Web performance for wide range of automation application including water management, electricity, productivity and security supporting German, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian languages.

This Web-based SCADA & HMI software with built-in ability to publish real-time information for viewing in Web browsers is a powerful, Web-enabled SCADA tool which delivers real time and historical information from the RTU/PLC remote site to the Control Center and beyond. It provides full SCADA/HMI functionality for operator display on all Windows OS platforms.

ControlMaestro provides; Object-oriented design, Enterprise data management with Database Logger, Video surveillance integration, Enhanced security and trace-ability in mission critical processes, database protection, station access restriction, centralized user management and strong user authentication using smartcards and/or biometry with fingerprint readers.

  • Discrete control and process
  • Data acquisition
  • Alarming (including SMS & eMial)
  • Visualization
  • Centralization and distribution of information
  • Complete reporting,
  • Online HMI editing
  • Web-enabled remote access
  • Support more than 160 communication protocol drivers plus OPC client and server
  • Complete, reliable, and highly scalable
  • Most reliable communication driver for MOTOROLA RTUs

ControlMaestro is the ultimate choice for supervision if Motorola IP Gateway is your choice of Front End Processor to the plant floor. Moreover if you are addressing the Electricity market requiring 1msec Time Tagging of events!