The ACE3600 RTU combines local processing capability of a PLC with the best-in class communications capacity of an RTU to create an all in one high performance unit. It allows seamless integration with PLCs, RTUs and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). ACE3600 is scalable and modular RTU/PLC supporting up to 110 IO modules and 8 communication media simultaneously.

ACE3600 independent and open software design enable use of ACE3600 HW for Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas and Smart-Grid markets. ACE3600 is world leader in delivering secured SCADA solutions covering RTU hardware, software and communication. The ACE3600 is fully compatible with the MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L units with regards to programming and communication aspects and can be used to expand existing MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L based systems.


The MOSCAD-M RTU is the smallest member of the Motorola MOSCAD family of RTUs. It incorporates a fixed configuration of analog and digital inputs and outputs. MOSCAD-M is capable of communicating in a network with MOSCAD, MOSCAD-L, ACE1000 and ACE3600 RTUs supporting Motorola native 7 layers communication protocol based on OSI recommendations.

Although small in size the MOSCAD-M enough has power to satisfy a wide range of SCADA applications requiring low power management capabilities. MOSCAD-M has a compact size and low power consumption mode which makes it ideal in outdoor locations with solar and battery power sources. MOSCAD-M is ideal solution for leak detection along pipelines and cathodic protection systems for both Oil & Gas and Water & wastewater management systems.


The versatile and powerful ACE1000 will deliver the timely communications you need, without having to completely redesign your current system. In a new, compact package, the ACE1000 is Motorola newest Remote Terminal Unit that will facilitate higher reliability and interoperability at a lower cost. ACE1000 support extended power management and communication capabilities.

Its powerful processer combined with expanded FLASH and RAM memory allows this RTU to be used in the most demanding SCADA environments. ACE1000 support various programing tools such as IEC61131-3, Motorola STS and Easy programming tool. The last one is a user friendly web-based easy-programming tool for junior technicians to setup a complete SCADA solution in matter of few minutes, not needing any software programing skills or knowledge.


The IRM1500 supports a multitude of data applications over the ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice & Data (IV&D) radio system. This product was designed to meet the highest standards and demands of electric utilities and petrochemical markets seeking to monitor and control continuously their distribution systems at all times. IRM1500 is based on ACE1000 HW & SW platform.

IRM1500 with its robust metal design is built to last in most harsh and demanding environments. Company assets such as pipelines, pressure flows, capacitor banks and lighting systems are just some of the many areas that the IRM1500 can efficiently communicate the status back to the operator at the control site. IRM1500 is ideal solution to connect APCO 25 network to other network such LTE or private public safety radio network based on TETRA or DMR technology.


The legendary MOSCAD Remote Terminal Units (RTU) is Motorola first RTU based on communication processor. MOSCAD-L is no longer available for purchase through Motorola however we have SPARE PARTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE. MOSCAD (Motorola SCADA) product family combines the power of an intelligent PLC with the flexibility of RTU communication capabilities.

MOSCAD is full proof, scalable and modular RTU solution. MOSCAD is the first RTU in the market supporting OSI 7 layers communication protocol recommendations. Extended communication capabilities enable support of multiple media on single site supporting any network topology. This product found to be extremely reliable.


MOSCAD-L is noticeably smaller than the equivalent full size MOSCAD and limited to 3 I/O modules. The available enclosure meets the requirements of NEMA-4X for use indoors or outdoors in mild corrosive environments. MOSCAD-L may be easily installed in space restricted locations. Mounting options are available for wall-or pole-mount situations.

MOSCAD-L is no longer available for purchase through Motorola however we have SAPRE PARTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE. MOSCAD-L advanced technology is used to provide I/O, serial and radio communication capabilities at lower operating power requirements. When the situation requires low power consumptionburdens, MOSCAD-L is the solution.