The Aerial Intelligence Security Suit (AISS) consists of unmanned EBIPAX G series quadcopter drone/s, meeting the harshest demands of First Responders, Security and Emergency Service Agencies for an end to end aerial autonomous intelligence gathering and security solution, operating 24/7 without an UAV pilot in most challenging environmental conditions.

EBIPAX G series quadcopter drone fly through fog, rain, snow, and up to 45 km/hr (25 knots) winds, was built to last by durable and lightweight carbon-fiber frame supporting wide range of Radiometric thermal, 4K color and day/night imaging solutions.


❏ EBIPAX Gx series Drone; A lightweight military-grade carbon-fiber frame, autonomous, remotely operated, unmanned quadcopter drone that can carry various payloads and supporting redundant communication links.
❏ EBIPAX SAFE-GUARD STATION; A self-sustaining military-grade ground station that charges the Drone’s battery and protects it from extreme weather conditions and through transportation.
❏ EBIPAX RCMC (Remote Control and Monitoring Center) – RCMC enables command and control of a single or multiple remotely operated drones, while transmitting/receiving high-definition video streams in real time.